How To Replace An Axe Handle

How To Replace An Axe Handle

Whether used for chopping wood to start a fire or some other purpose, anyone who has used an axe for long enough will tell you, it will, like anything else, begin to show signs of wear and tear. ...

What Is Paddle Boarding?

What Is Paddle Boarding_CampingHighLife

Anywhere there is a resort beside a lake, sea, or ocean, there is going to be a rental place for paddle boards. Yes, paddle boarding is almost as talked about as famous celebrity couples. Okay, maybe ...

Hiking in Doc Martens

Hiking in Doc Martens_Camping High Life

Officially known a Dr. Martens and informally called Doc Martens by fans, the company makes combat boots and shoes with similar designs. The founder of the company created his first pair during World ...

How Long do MRES Meals Last?

How Much Do You Know About Emergency Survival Foods_Camping High Life

When it comes to emergency preparedness and “Prepping” for hard times, there are four basic tenants you must consider first and foremost. Those principles to remember are water, fire, shelter, and ...

Best Camping Canopy Tents

Best Camping Canopy Tents_Camping High Life

Camping or partying at the beach is paradise—until the sun is too intense. Or the bugs begin biting. Or the sky cracks with an unforeseen storm. Then, you want to run indoors. But what if you could ...

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