Best Sleeping Pads 2022 for Camping: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Professional and amateur campers alike all have sleeping pads in their gear. They know the real value of a good nights rest in the boosting their stamina for the journey ahead and for preventing illness too. Sleeping pads can even be used as sleeping pads, or to add more layering or thickness to them. Additional materials used prevent one from rainfall and extreme cold too. Finding a good sleeping pad can be tough, so we’ve decided to review some of them here.

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Sleeping Pad Brands

Self-Inflating Camping Pad


Large Camping Sleeping Pad

FreeLand Camping Sleeping Pad Self Inflating with Attached Pillow

Well Insulated Sleeping Pad Set

Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad

Fast Inflating Sleeping Pad

HoneyBull Sleeping Pad

Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat

X-Lounger Sleeping Pad

Extra Large and Extra Thick Sleep Camp Pad

Lightspeed Outdoors Super Plush FlexForm

Durable and Leak-proof Camping Sleeping Pad

Last Lake Inflatable Sleep Pad

Ultralight Backpacking Mattress

Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol

All-around Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad

WELLAX Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad

Double Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad

KingCamp Camping Sleeping Pad Mattress Triple Zone

Best Sleeping Pads for Camping Reviews 2022

#1. Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow from Coleman

Coleman brings you this sleeping bag that can be inflated and deflated – so you have a full sized camping pad and can compact its for storage whenever you need it.This sleeping pad is complete with a soft, tufted design for additional cushioning between the ground and you.And, a polyester, weather resistant shell that for more durability. Don’t worry about ever running out of breath when inflating the Coleman sleeping pad because it does that on its own.

A free flow valve does the air filling without the use of an air pump, so there’s one less thing to carry. Deflating the pad is easy too, where all you have to do is use the compression straps to push out the air.



  • compression straps,
  • self inflating free flow valve,
  • soft, durable,
  • free pillow


  • rolling it up does require some effort,
  • not much extra thickness


You may want to consider getting some knee pads along with the Coleman Camping Pad for two reasons. One for when you’re rolling it up and the other when you’re actually sleeping on it. The best sleeping Pad is pretty thin, about one inch when deflated and two inches maximum when inflated.

Setting it and packing it away is easy where all you have to do is unscrew a cap. The material uses is pretty durable and the bed should be enough for a quick rest while travelling. It’s hard to say whether its good for an overnight sleep without the extra layers, blankets and an extra pillow – although you do get a pillow free with this pad. We had no issues with the weight and the feel that this is the type of thing that you can carry with you.

#2) Large Camping Sleeping Pad Self Inflating with Attached Pillow from Freeland

Freeland recommends taking along one of their best camping sleeping pads with you when you go trekking, camping or hiking. Spend more time enjoying the great outdoors instead of hassling over your camping gear by simply rolling out the bed and letting it inflate itself.

It’s the perfect balance between comfort and lightweightness that makes it compact enough for carrying but still provides you with the desired comfort. Thicker, wider and longer then most normal sleeping pads, there’s enough room for side sleepers too.



  • dual air valves,
  • built in compression straps,
  • split joint design,
  • attached pillow


  • too heavy,
  • pad loses air quickly


The Freeland is a large camp mattress that’s small enough to camp with. It is very easy to use, where you just have to unroll it and then let it inflate on its own. This does take a long time, but can be done by opening one valve and leaving the other one closed. Weather resistant and soft, the pad should last through light to medium camping trips.

It doesn’t the get hot like most of the other sleeping pads we’ve come across. It does expand quickly using very little air and for the price, you get a pretty decent mattress. One more interesting addition are these snaps placed on either sides. You can use them for attaching more pads to make one giant mattress. Freeland has also provided a free repair kit, so in case or any rips and tears, you don’t have to wait out for servicing.

#3) Well Insulated Sleeping Pad Set: Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad

Ryno Tuff has added a coating of a special open cell foam that begins inflating as soon as you open up the valve. The pad is two inches thick and you can control how inflated it gets by adding more air. It is a large and wide mattress, but can still be squeezed into a more compact size so you don’t have to sacrifice on weight and space.This pad also has a snap function, so that you can attach two separate beds.



  • self inflating,
  • compact,
  • toughness of 75D polyester


  • bit bulky
  • bit too thick when blown up
  • extra efforts to roll it up


The Ryno Tuff is a very comfy, warm pad that is manageable despite it being bulky. It does have better quality, thickness when compared with other beds and the self inflating feature makes it easier to set up. With in minutes, the mattress fills up to 70% and the remaining 30% can be done manually – this all depends on how much firmness you require.

The insulation functions well and will keep you warm. Overall quality is great and really feels like it will last you a while. For this price, the Ryno Tuff seems to have all the essential features and that includes the snap in clasps that you can attach more of the these beds too. The only down side is the bulkiness but this is due to the size of the bed.

#4) Fast Inflating Sleeping Pad: Honeybull

Honeybull calls this the Modular AirPad that reduces the discomfort and pain that usually happens when you sleep outdoors. The pad is designed to contour to the shape of your body so you’re comfy no matter where you are. Unlike standard mattresses, the AirPad inflates in just one minute that goes by faster with the 2 mode air valve. Light enough to carry at 1.1 pounds, so you don’t have to struggle with several heavy bags at a time. A durable sleep pad that can withstand outdoor conditions, fully water proof due to the multi layer nylon.



  • lightweight
  • durable design
  • super fast inflation
  • body contouring
  • thermal resistance
  • optimal thickness


  • wasn’t long enough
  • super thin materials


The AirPad comes in several different colours and a case that you can store it in. It does inflate easily – 15 breaths is what the company says and we have to say that they’re accurate. The same can be said for deflating it as well, when compared with most of the other popular brands out there. Secondly, it’s compact and packs down to a light and small, so you don’t have issues with it being too heavy. It was very good, when lying or sitting down – we couldn’t feel the floor, slip or make any loud noises.

Unfortunately, the reason why its light is because it’s thin. If you use this on a cot, indoors, on softer terrain, behind the car and take lots of care of it, you should be fine. If you’re looking to take it on longer, rougher trips, then you won’t get the best use out of it.

#5) Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat: X-lounger

Enjoy a good night or camp sleep without getting sore over all those stones, rocks, roots and hard soil with the X-lounger Ultralight and Inflatable Sleeping Mat. Perfect for camping trips, hiking, slumber parties the mat gives you the ideal levels of sleeping comfort, but shrinks down to a small, compact size for easy carrying and storage.

It is also easy to inflate, using a minimum of ten to fifteen breaths only. Deflating is just as simple too, and works by opening up the valves on either sides. The U shaped, ergonomic pillows come separately or built onto the mat. You can rest or sleep comfortably because the 20D TPU coated nylon material is weather resistant and keeps all water, rains and moisture off you. It’s also tear resistant, so there’s no chance of leaks, rips letting out the air as you sleep. All of the X-lounger inflatable mats come with a snap closure so you can attach as may beds as you want.



  • super small size when compacted
  • suits most sleeping types
  • diamond lattice design adjusts to body shape
  • free pillow
  • connect buckle
  • easy inflate & deflate system


  • might not be good for side sleeping


One might be sceptical when you get a first glance of this bag. This is an awesome camping bag for tall people and a good addition to your back packing list because it folds up small and tiny. The mattress has air pockets that fit and change according to your body type, so you never have that lumpy feel. Its not much of a hassle to deflate and fold up into the carry sack either and when that’s done, the bag is no bigger than 7.3 inches. A premium finish, with all of these benefits, the mat really is a value for money.

#6) Extra Large and Extra Thick Sleep Camp Pad: Lightspeed Outdoors Super Plush FlexForm

The LightSpeed Outdoors company is known for an adventurous spirit that drives them to create durable, quality products that are easy to use, fun and functional too, so you can make the most of your time outside.Whether it’s the cold, warm weather, mountains and the beach – the XL Super Plush FlexForm Premium Self-Inflating Sleep pad fits every adventure.

You can enjoy unsurpassed comfort with the FlexForm Deluxe Sleep Pad that’s 3 inches thick and gives you the softest, warmest rest. It even conforms to the body shape you have and is fitted with a 9.66 R value insulation rating.The mat self inflates too, so you never have to waste moments setting it up.It expands on being unrolled, levels of support can be customised with a few extra breaths and deflated just by opening both valves.

The mat is made out of stretch jersey material that lasts a long time and works exceptionally well in the toughest conditions. There’s enough room for side sleepers.



  • FlexForm for easy sleep
  • Integrated pillow
  • PVC-free materials
  • dual valves for deflation
  • integrated pillow


  • pad tends to lose air when you lie on it


The LightSpeed Outdoors XL Super Plush Came Pad is phenomenal and everything about it is spot on. Its plush, and the fabric isn’t the type that sticks to your skin or makes those annoying squeaky noises when you move around. When inflated, it feels as if you’re sleeping on a foam mattress. It takes barely any time for you to roll it up, but its huge – around three feet wide – and may not fit on the outside of your backpack.

The fabric does feel thinner through and if placed on surfaces that aren’t ideal, you could end up puncturing it. Then the storage bag is a little big, but it does have velcro straps that you can tighten up to push the deflated mattress into.

The one problem we found with this pad was that it was comfy, soft when you go to sleep on it. But, within a few hours, most of the air had dissipated from it. If it wasn’t for this one minor flaw, this sleeping pad would have receive a five star rating.

#7. Durable and Leak-proof Camping Sleeping Pad: Last Lake Inflatable Sleep Pad

Last Lake have been designed keeping in mind a restorative night of sleep whenever you’re outdoors, while still being light, compact and portable.You can pack it up and put it away without too many problems.

It’s durable too and won’t leak any air, and you wont even feel the sticks, rocks, unevenness of the ground either, because its thick enough to keep you off the ground irrespective of how you sleep.
Although cushy, plush and thick, the mattress rolls down to practically nothing – about the size of a football and won’t take up too much space in your car, backpack, storage closets.

Once inflated, the pad retains its shape due to the airtight seals around the valves and the outer shell is made out of tear-proof and durable 75D polyester too, with zero chances of punctures, rips etc. Set up at your campsite takes hardly five minutes, where the inner layer of foam begins pulling in air once its been unrolled.



  • packs up small
  • comfortable
  • doesn’t leak air
  • durable
  • easy inflate


  • not for someone that’s really tall
  • too large when rolled up


We are impressed with this product as its was the right size, and was light and portable as mentioned, and thick enough for support between you and the ground. A word of advice here is let the pad inflate on its own though – because inflating it manually might cause it to break when you lie on it.

That aside, the mat is easy to inflate, use and roll down as well. It comes with a carry bag and velcro straps that cinch all air out of it making it even more compact. But, even the XL size is too small and anyone over 6 feet might have to lay their feet off the pad. The quality appears to be durable and you do get a repair kit.

The other thing that you may not like is the size of mat when its rolled up. It is too big, clumsy to carry especially if you’re a smaller person.

#8) Ultralight Backpacking Mattress: Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol

If you loved the Ultralight Elite, then get ready for the Z Lite mattress, which Therm-a-Rest says is their compact, most lightest closed cell camping pad yet. It features an accordion fold up shape with the heat trapping dents that was present on the previous Z lite version and now the Z Lite Sol.

Only on the Z Lite Sol, however, the foam on top is softer for additional comfort and with a denser, strong base. Lightweight, foldable, compact and durable, the Z Lite Sol is the go-to option for backpackers and professional mountaineers alike.What they also love is the Reflective ThermaCapture covering that increase regular temperature and seals it in as well. A must have for when up at higher altitudes.



  • special heat boosting layer
  • good for colder weather or snow
  • minimalist design


  • too thin and feels as if its not there
  • thinness leads it to cracking if used for a long time


This Sol Pad has all the advantages of the original version, along with the reflective Thermal Capture coating. What this does is reflect heat back onto you for additional warmth and increases the warmth of the pad by about 20%. Given this feature, its more of a layering that you take for treks, camping and outdoor trips in the snow.

The design is pretty clever too – where the top layer is softer for comfort while the bottom is denser for the much needed insulation, buffer between the ground and dirt, better durability. In between, you have these foam layers that are covered with these dimples or dents that trap heat.

So sleeping on the Z Lite Sol Ultralight would be great. Next is the packing, where is folds up like a accordion and the is compact. The pad has been designed for the minimalist hiker and to be used as a stand alone pad. You can double this up by putting another air mattress, ground pad.

That being said, it is a very thin pad that cant be used on its own. This might suit professionals who can brave the cold while sleeping on rough, rocky ground. The weight is a plus point here, but the pad is too small. Get this one only if you need the warmth from the ThermaCapture coating when camping out in colder climates with your inflatable camping bag.

#9. All-around Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad: WELLAX Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad

The Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad provides you with the right amount of comfort as your weight is supported by these flexible air cells. This lets you sleep anyway you like – rolling over or on your side without wobbling over! On the plus side, you won’t be getting those annoying discomforts, back pains from sleeping on the grass all night. That’s made possible by a layer of the Wellax Air Cells, so you have the smallest packed and lightest mat yet as well, that makes for lighter back packs.

As for the design, it’s a revolutionary one that includes a laminated Rip-Stop 20D nylon shell complete with the TPU layer too. It’s silent and resistant to tears, abrasions, water and even reflects back all heat onto the user.

The advanced inflation system involves two valves, for deflation and inflation respectively.  Throw out your old pump operated sleeping pad and get the Wellax Patent Pending with 2.1 R value meant to be used for all seasons, surfaces, tents, hammocks and outdoor adventures.



  • air spring pads that mimic mattresses at home,
  • deflates to the size of a soda can,
  • zero squeaky noises


  • gradually deflates,
  • poor R value,
  • poor design or construction,
  • uncomfortable for side sleepers


The design is what looks impressive at first – this is because the pad is over 2.5 inches thick, is plush and generous in size too. Up front, it’s a great option for restless sleepers, want the best support or for those who are sleeping in the cold. The Wellax sleeping pad is warm too with a 21 R value insulation. Wellax ensures maximum comfort and have added an innovative cell design on the top of the mat. This works like a normal mattress and give more cushion because it has 300 or so air spring cells.

These are two good things about the mattress, but when we inflated it and left its like that overnight, most of the air had gone by sunrise. We did this again during the day and found that it deflated again within four hours tops.

#10. Double Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad: KingCamp Camping Sleeping Pad Mattress Triple Zone

The KingCamp bed comes with a triple zone design to make it more comfortable, durable and damp proof with a 100% micro brushed 75D polyester shell. As with most of the camping pads available, the KingCamp has two non-corrosive brass valves to adjust the inflation level of the pad.

They suggest opening both valves for inflating the bed and placing it in direct sunlight to speed up the process. At best, you get a thickness of about 1.6 inches and although the bed doesn’t pack up small, you do get compression straps on the carry bag.



  • two self inflating pillows
  • two durable non-corrosive brass valves
  • oversized oxford carrying bag with compression straps
  • repair kit


  • tough to deflate entirely for easy storage
  • bed roll is large, won’t self inflate completely
  • thinner than expected, requires breath inflation


We let this mattress inflate on its own by leaving the valves open and after some time, we had to add more cushion and pressure to it by using a few breaths before closing it. No problem at this stage and that’s exactly what KingCamp advises on doing anyway.

To self inflate its completely through, you have to set it aside for at least 48 hours before it looked like what they showed in the pictures. The valves may be non corrosive but you have to close its tightly to prevent any air form escaping. You do this by cranking it constantly and hope that they don’t break off in the process or begin leaking.

You do get good cushioning, however once you’re past these parts. It doesn’t feel like you’re on the ground though and has the firmness that you wont get on most inflatable air mattresses.The foam on the inside fills the entire shell nicely, give you support and makes the bed more stable. It also packs up extremely fast and includes a carry sack too. Pretty worth the price tag, if you don’t mind the tedious set up.

Best Sleeping Pads for Camping 2022 : Buying Guide 

10 Best Sleeping Pads for Camping_Trekkerr

Remember certain things when out shopping for your camping pad. There’s no one size fits all – from the practicality of carrying it with you to the size, consider these buying factors.

  • Find the desired size
  • Ease of unpacking and packing the pad
  • The quality of the construction
  • How you intend on taking it with you
  • ‘R’ value or resistance strength
  • How to inflate and deflate it

Why use a sleeping pad for camping?

Camping pads are an affordable portable sleeping option for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Here are some compelling reasons why all trekkers, hikers and campers need to have one in their gear.

  • Outdoorsy people who struggle with getting good sleep while on their adventures.
  • They provide comfort and are a better alternative than the grass.
  • When you sleep well, you get rid of exhaustion and have more energy for the rest of your trip.
  • Lying on the bare floor of your tent could hurt you as there are sticks, rocks, dirt and insects that could injure you or give you an insane backache.
  • They’re critical in keeping you warm as it can get very cold out forests, lake sides and plains even during the summers.
  • They’re good for adding more insulation, to your sleeping bag and camp tent.

Who Should Use A Sleeping Pad For Camping?

We’d suggest the professionals use these sleeping pads, but they already have a pretty good idea of what they want and have the best ones on board. This review is help those who aren’t frequent campers or are headed off to their first long term trip outside. It does take time to get used to the sleeping outside and this is when having the right camping pad could make all the difference.

Final Verdict

We recommend keeping just one factor in mind when buying best camping pads – the best sleeping experience possible! We’ve narrowed down options to include just those pads with the newest designs, full length, inflatable pads, made from the best materials. Opt for something that’s thicker than 2 inches if possible, and evaluate it against competing companies and if they’ve been tested out on snow, deserts, mountains, plains grass and soil etc. and also in terms of functions like comfort, weight, warmth, water proofing too.

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