Best Sleeping Bags 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

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Camping, trekking and hiking does require some sleeping or rest to energise yourself for the remainder of trip ahead. And for that you need a sleeping bag. But if you bring one that too thin you risk getting too cold. If you choose one that’s too thick, you might get too warm. we think this review list will help you to decide on what kind of bag would be better for you.

Best Budget Sleeping Bag Reviews 2020

Best for...
Portable Backpacking Camping Stoves

Ultra Lightweight 3 Season Sleeping Bag

Hyke & Byke Quandary Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sleeping Bag

Lightweight Comfortable Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids

Active Era Sleeping Bag for Indoor and Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

4 Season Camping Sleeping Bag


Queen-sized Double Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

Most Warm Comfortable Sleeping Bag

The Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag from TETON Sports

Double Waterproof Queen-sized Sleeping Bag

CANWAY Double Sleeping Bag

Most Comfortable and Waterproof Sleeping Bag

Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

Thermal Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tuck 22F Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

#1. Ultra Lightweight 3 Season Sleeping Bag: Hyke & Byke Quandary Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag

Hyke&Byke guarantees that you’ll save weight and space with their new 2019 model. They say that its supposed to have better durability, better warmth and resistance to water. They’ve installed the Hydrophobic 650 FP Duck Down on the top of the bed, and at the bottom, the LofTech Summit coating from Allied.

Both of these innovations will also keep you dry and warm too, as these synthetic down feathers trap air pockets – so that’s a maximum limit of 15 degrees F. The durability has also been improved with the addition of 400T 20 D rip-stop nylon fabric liner that’s 100%water proof and ultralight. Zip yourself in comfortably with the big YKK zippers coupled with anti-snag sliders.

This budget sleeping bag is available in short, regular and long (XL or tall) and each have a comfortable fit, complete with wide foot box and shoulder space. The actual bag is made entirely out of snag free velcro and has everything you could possible need for better portability like horizontal baffles, drawstrings – and a free compression bag that turns this giant sleeping bag into the size of medium sized back pack.



  • free compression pack,
  • constructed for trails,
  • Allied LefTech Base,
  • nylon shell


  • poor cold resistance,
  • poor material life,
  • too many feathers,
  • zippers occasionally snagged


The Hyke&Byke brand is pretty new on the camping/outdoor gear market, that’s gained its reputation from loyal outdoor enthusiasts it caters to. So that’s about the company – onto the bag itself. The sleeping bag is an affordable one, and has been professionally designed for back packing, hiking, camping. Its been equipped with superior warmth to weight ratio balancing materials and is good for those that wanta comfy bed to sleep in, but isn’t too heavy or complicated to use.

We’ve tried out this bag twice already and in our opinion, its roomy, warm and very fluffy! Even the bigger bags for tall people have enough space for moving around.But, when we tried out get out of the bag, we found ourselves covered in feathers! We have assessed other down filled sleeping bags for this review list, and did find a few feathers here and there, but nothing quite like this.

The quality of the materials, attachments are top notch but the packing of feathers does need some work, as most seem to be spilling out the seams. And we have been using and storing the bag the recommended way – left hanging and not compressed. Another tiny, but pretty important issue was that the zipper kept getting snagged in the material next to it. Save for these two critical drawbacks, we would have given the Hyke&Byke sleeping bag a full five stars.

#2. Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: Coleman Sleeping Bag

This Coleman bag has a patented, specially designed zipper that runs seamlessly across the zipper line and won’t snag on the fabric, even at the corners. To extend the life and the usage of the bag, Coleman has fitted this bag with a Thermolock System that controls the amount of heat lost through the zippers. Its even got a FiberLock Construction that holds in all the insulation layers of the bed in place, even when being cleaned in the washing machined – yup, its machine washable. When you’re ready to move out of the camping zone, simply use the Roll Control System to fold the bag up, and keep it in place using the snap lock cord. Finally, the bed is lined with soft cushioned cuff that makes the bed feel like a blanket.



  • Exceptionally good for cold weather,
  • easy carry and use convenience features


  • a bit on the heavy side,
  • debris gets caught in trichot lining


Coleman is the same company that makes coolers to keep food fresh and drinks cold. They’ve even got airbeds, portable grills, LED lights and everything else that makes camping comfortable. Out of all the necessities one could have outdoors, nothing could be more important than a good nights sleep. We found that we could do that with this Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather sleeping bag, and it kept us cosy for even at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, as promised.

The size of the best sleeping bag is 33 inches by 75 inches(WxD) and should easily fit most campers up to an average height of five feet, eleven inches. In terms of build quality, the bed is made out of a soft trichot liner and filled with four pounds of ColeTherm insulation.So the bed is firm, and can easily be folded without losing its shape. Packing is easy too, and doesn’t take much time either due to the QuikCord system that snaps everything in place.

One con the bag did seem to have is its weight, especially when folded and being carried. It was pretty heavy and might be too much especially on long treks, walks, for shorter to medium height individuals.Even if you take just the essentials, the bag is easily about 2 kgs of sheer discomfort, but it definitely worth it as it keeps you toasty warm. The other con is that twigs, grass, smaller flowers get stuck on the trichot lining and it’s tough to get this cleaned off.

#3. Lightweight Comfortable Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids: Active Era Sleeping Bag for Indoor and Outdoor Sleeping Bag

The E200 is made out of rip-proof, durable 170 T Polyester outer shell with enough insulation to maintain 200 GSM Hollow Fibre Filling that maintains optimal temperatures. So it can withstand 50 degree Farenheit and colder degrees up to 25 Farenheit. So it can keep you warm while remaining lightweight, easy to carry and store, at just 34 oz.

The bag has enough space for your legs and shoulders without things getting too cramped, because of the oblong, envelope shape.



  • machine washable,
  • spacious oblong shape,
  • thin and compact,
  • maintains body temperature


  • not breathable and won’t release body humidity,
  • not for extremely cold weather,
  • clumped filling


We want to give this bag a 50:50 vote, as its got plenty of hits and misses. First, the bed is lightweight because its thin. On the plus side, the bag is easy to carry, wash and lets you sleep comfortably. On the minus side, it might be too thin to be laid out on rougher, rockier surfaces.

The fabric is nice, smooth and will keep you warmer than expected but doesn’t breathe and traps in the humidity from your body. As a result, you could end up feeling cold. To control this, you can easily unzip one side of the bed, but what good would that do for warmth – even we weren’t sure. Clearly, this bag cant be used by itself, and you might need to bring additional bags, blankets for your camp tent.

You only have to roll the bed up and push it inside this drawstring bag, that we tough was a bit too frail. We recommend this bed if you want an affordable option, something that you can easily stuff into a bag and use during regular weather.

#4. Double Sleeping Bag: Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag from Ohuhu is a double sleeper and you get tow free pillows along with it. It’s supposed to be cosy, warm and can withstand hard harsh temperatures from 32 F to 50F.Crafted using 210T polyester that makes it water proof against light snow and rain, and along with that the bed has TC fabric and cotton for extra softness.

Speaking of soft comfort, you can use the free pillows to support your neck as you sleep. You can even detach the bed using a zipper to turn it into a single sleeping bags as well.



  • super sized 2 person bed,
  • 2 free pillows, lightweight,
  • waterproof, bonus carry bag


  • thin mattress,
  • not suited for cold weather,
  • thin and somewhat plasticky fabric


We like how this sleeper splits into two individual beds when required, and that too, using only a zipper. After that, the beds can be unzipped from either sides and velcroed shut to keep it cosy. Both beds fits snugly into the carry bag that compresses them into a 13 inch bundle.

These benefits aside, we noticed some threads fibres coming apart after a few uses. We think that this Ohuhu sleeping bag isn’t designed for professional hikers: that it is more for novice campers and families that might want to camp out, trek occasionally. The bag is big, but too thin and may not work for very cold climates. 

#5. 4 Season Camping Sleeping Bag: WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag

A step up from the Ohuhu camping sleeping bag, Winner Outfitters have used a 350T waterproof polyester shell, lining and 400G 3D cotton filling for softness. The mummy design is much better for reducing the overall weight of the bag when it’s compressed into the carry bag for portability, to a maximum of 3 lbs.

This best sleeping bag has a double zipper that you can open or close from inside or outside the bag made from SBS. They’ve used quality materials to reduce cold spots with the help of a draft tube that keeps in warmth and locks out the cold, even around your head.The design of the bed includes a more box like shape to give you extra space for your feet.



  • lightweight,
  • warm,
  • machine washable,
  • water resistant


  • bag isn’t compact,
  • pretty heavy when laid out or unpacked,
  • double zipper a bit complicated


For this price bracket, you do get a very good quality bag and they do keep you warm no doubt abut that. We did observe that the sleeping bags were a little thinner than shown and that sipper snagged every now and then. The bag is very bulky and proved to be a problem when packing it into limited space.One clever addition here is the vent somewhere along the side that can be opened up for more ventilation during warmer weather.

The other thing is the curved hood that’s a great place for a small pillow, it even stores that pillow in the same place too. It can however be squished into most backpacks, because the carry bag has these straps that be pull downwards to compress the bag even further.

#6. Queen-sized Double Sleeping Bag: TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

This super sized bag is covered in a soft poly-flannel lining and has extra padding and a draft tube all around to lock in warm air. Teton Sports says that you never have to struggle to stuff the bag back in the sack anymore. You simply have to push the bag in, starting from the bottom and then tighten the straps given on the carry sack.

They even guarantee that you’ll sleep warm due to the Thermal Enhancing double layer off set stitching to eliminate cold spots. The bag is filled with the SuperLoft Hollow Fibre Fill which keeps it sturdy and soft no matter how many times you fold the bag.Finally, you can lock yourself in using the double end, taped quality zippers.



  • longer and wider double sleeping bag,
  • compression bag reduces need to roll up bed,
  • mummy style hood, two way zippers, draft tubes
  • Cons:huge bag that doesn’t pack down easily into the sack,
  • outside fabric is slippery,
  • poor zipper function


  • bag isn’t compact,


The bag is very substantial, big and thick for its price tag. It has baffles on the side that prevent the zipper from scraping your feet or legs, along with a tab outside that covers the zipper. There is s problem with the baffle on the neck area, but this can covered with a pillow. The bag is huge and long and tall people might appreciate that.

Next comes the other problem – putting it back in the carry bag. This isn’t as easy as advertised and takes loads of twisting, rolling till its eventually done. Even when we did manage to accomplish this, the bag got too heavy and might only be good for a light hike.

It can get very warm in there and we recommend layering up if you’re not sharing the bag with anyone.You can however unzip one side and bundle up the other.

#7. Most Warm Comfortable Sleeping Bag: The Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag from TETON Sports

Teton Sports presents the Celsius Regular Sleeping bag for camping and outdoors purposes in all three seasons. The soft lining and mummy style hood keeps your pillow clean and your head warm.It can be unzipped from all around for easier access and better air flow.

The innovative double layer stitching and fiber fill keep you warm in cold weather. In terms of features, its similar to the Mammoth Queen-Size Double, also from Teton Sports. The only differences lie in the size of this bed and that its got an internal pocket – safekeeping of car keys, phones, wallets etc.



  • Hidden valuables pocket,
  • water proof taffeta shell,
  • SuperLoft Hollow Fibre Fill for superb cushioning,
  • all around zipper,
  • smaller size.


  • not enough space for tallerpeople,
  • detaching the left-right sipper to combine them isn’t easy


We can’t get over how soft and fluffy the bag is on the inside! This is because of the cotton flannel materila that won’t make leave you sweating or make sweaky noises as you move it around. They’ve installed this zero gap rolled tube sort of material on the zipper, the top part of the bag where your shoulders normally lie and a draw string to pull things tight so air stays trapped inside.

Other good additions on this bag are the soft velcro zipper cover, loops located at the foot of the bag for storage purposes, and the small pocket for smaller items that could fall out and get lost in the bag.

#8. Double Waterproof Queen-sized Sleeping Bag: CANWAY Double Sleeping Bag

The bag is filled with 3D cotton filling, a better and natural alternative to the plastic stuff that’s normally used. It is also water resistant, weather proof and water proof in damp environments due to the 210T polyester shell.

A very large bed that can easily fit two grown ups with more than enough space for either person. Two people can sleep well with the given pillows. You can carry it too using the compression bag and cleaning is no problem either as the sleeping bag is machine washable.

Cut out for rough weather, the bag makes sure you stay warm even when its 42 degrees Farenheit out there.



  • 210 T polyester,
  • flannel liner,
  • 300G cotton filling,
  • 2 pillows included,
  • detaches into 2 individual bags,
  • designed for use in extreme weather


  • Flannel is too thin,
  • too cramped for tall people,
  • bag doesn’t come up all the way to your face.


For a tin bag, this things really excels where comfort and size are concerned. You may have to get extra foam pads, layers for sleeping on rocky grounds but other than that, its great deal at this price. Unzips nicely too, and that’s when it doubles as blanket. The bag is roomy, although the pillows leave a lot left to be desired: you may have to carry an extra pillow.

The shell did protect against sudden outburst of snow, rain and the flannel feels a lot warmer as opposed to other materials that’s normally found in most sleeping bags.

#9. Most Comfortable and Waterproof Sleeping Bag: Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

Abco Tech’s sleeping bags are designed to give you a good nights sleep after travel, hiking, camping, or any other exploration. Their sleeping bags come in a barrel shaped design that offers extra room at the legs. You can use them in freezing temperatures and can keep average to tall sleepers warm, even ta 20 degrees Farenheit. A waterproofing, weather resistant feature ensures that there’s no dampness.

These bags are machine washable, easy to carry and come with a compression carry bag. No need to worry about lugging around extra pounds as the bag is made out of 100% polyester that is skin friendly with a 210 T strength polyester on the outside for durability.



  • easy cleaning,
  • doubles as a blanket,
  • affordable basic bag,
  • lightweight,
  • use in cold weather,
  • compression carry bag


  • not warm at all without the extra layering,
  • not suited for use in very cold temperatures


It’s definitely light and that’s the only good factor here with this bag, and it definitely doesn’t work for very cold temperatures either. That aside, we think that the bag can be recommended for lighter outdoor activities. Next, its easy to fold up and put away or be carried, adding to which its soft, comfy and will keep you warm in cooler weather. And yes, you do have enough room to move around in and the material used very good. We didn’t run into any zipper snag problems either. In our opinion, its an affordable sleeping bag for family use.

#10. Thermal Sleeping Bag: Kelty Tuck 22F Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Tuck 22F sleeping bag is made from a blend of compressibility and warmth. Fitted with a thermal comfort hood and natural fit foot that is supposed to keep you toasty warm during the cold. Simply push your feet out the end when things start getting warm.

The 75D polyester taffeta shell and liner provide the best insulation and its even got a media storage pocket too. This is for all your valuables that you might take along with you.The big advantage of Thermo Pro insulation is that its lightweight and highly compressible.



  • foot box can be unzipped,
  • highly functional,
  • affordable


  • not a 22 F bag,
  • sippers get stuck in colder climates


This best sleeping bag from Kelty is good for back packers that don’t want to shell out too much for a decent bag, but don’t want to compromise on quality either. Obviously, if you’re taller you will have to get a bigger size for yourself. The inside is comfortable and soft and that zipper is placed just above the bottom of the bag – that way its easier to unzip and kick your feet out.We give this one a thumbs up for all features, except the thinness of the bag that makes it unsuitable for the cold.

Sleeping Bags Buying Guide

Best Sleeping Bags 2020_Trekkerr

You have loads of bags that you can buy before camping out but each one is built differently so you will have to think about where your going and what kind of climate you are dealing with.

  • Kind of floor that you will be sitting/sleeping on – whether its soft mud, grassy, rocky etc.
  • Budget that you have as many of these bags can be pricey.
  • Kind of climate and if its going to be hot and cold.
  • If its too cold then you’ll need a thicker bag.
  • If its too hot then you’ll need a thinner bag.
  • Kind of materials used and if its light, after all you’re going to be carrying the bag.
  • Carrying means that you should have a sack, backpack to put the bag in.
  • Materials that are foldable and waterproof.


Why Use A Great Sleeping Bag For Camping?

The bag is the only thing that will let you rest and keep you cool or warm, depending on the seasons. Bags now come in waterproof materials and can be compacted in to smaller carry bags.

It forms an essential part of camping gear and is meant for all those who want comfort, while getting the best out of the outdoors. Trekkers, hikers, hunters and even families that love spending time out of the house should think about getting a sleeping bag… or two!


Who Should Use A Camping Sleeping Bag?

If the kind travelling you do involves camping then a sleeping bag is for you. This is what keeps you comfortable, energised so that you can actually enjoy your camping trip. In other words, if you’re going outdoors and will be  sleeping outside, consider getting one for your campsite, tent.

Check out also our Best Sleeping Pads Review for Camping. You might want to know the difference between a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad or are they the same.


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Final Verdict

It can be a bit tricky to determine which bag is better for you. So we’d suggest testing out a few alternatives before picking one for yourself. Also, remember where it is your headed to and then decide on a best sleeping bag 2020 that will work for the occasion.

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