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How To Replace An Axe Handle

How To Replace An Axe Handle

Whether used for chopping wood to start a fire or some other purpose, anyone who has used an axe for long enough will tell you, it will, like anything else, begin to show signs of wear and tear. ...

How To Use A Fire Starter

how to use a fire starter

When you’re out camping, there’s no more frustrating feeling than the one you get when you’re struggling to light the campfire. If using a fire starter this is even worse since surely these things ...

Best Camping Solar Charger

Best Camping Solar Charger_CampingHighLife

We have all been there: that horrible moment when you realize that you forgot to charge your phone in the middle of a hike. It is unsettling to think that you will be without a phone or electronic ...

What Is Paddle Boarding?

What Is Paddle Boarding_CampingHighLife

Anywhere there is a resort beside a lake, sea, or ocean, there is going to be a rental place for paddle boards. Yes, paddle boarding is almost as talked about as famous celebrity couples. Okay, maybe ...

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